Constructing future-proof office buildings for the new generation

Sustainable construction redefined

HOLD is a tech-enabled general contractor for wooden office buildings. We combine a complete building system, with cutting-edge technology, and smart construction to build future-proof office buildings.

Impression of HOLD building

FAST. affordable. SUSTAINABLE.

Turn-key wooden office buildings
Built from natural resources
Super fast turnaround times
Dismountable components
High quality made feasible
Low carbon footprint
fully functional offices as a ready to go product
Step 1

Online configurator

We first build digitally, enabling our customers to configure and explore their new office building inside our digital configurator.

Off-site fabrication
Step 2

Off-site fabrication

Based on the output of the configurator, we'll produce all parts of the buildings as standard building components.

On-site assembly
Step 3

On-site assembly

When all building components are ready, they will be delivered to the building site and assembled by our crew of specialists.

Sustainable workspaces for everyone

For real estate developers

We help innovative developers meet the demands of their clients even better. Our building system offers cost-effective and scalable building solutions.

For single tenant office buildings

We help businesses with their growth and expansion plans. Our turn-key office buildings are designed for change and support a healthy work environment.

For multi tenant office buildings

We help operators and investors grow their portfolios. Our prefabricated buildings reduce operation and maintenance costs and help attract a new generation of tenants.

Meet our community

Join the wood revolution

We’ve put in the work to rethink the traditional construction process. Let us introduce you to a new way of construction, where sustainability and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand.

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Impression of HOLD building
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